Raising the Roof

The roof has been installed on the first four town homes at 19 Niagara Street, Hamilton.
The images below were provided by Habitat for Humanity Hamilton


October 16th Build Day A Success!!!

Our Local's sponsored Habitat for Humanity townhouse build is underway!

On Saturday October 16, 2010 a group of our members participated in the build. More pictures to come and will be linked from this page. As you can see by the pictures here the weather was beautiful and it looks like this weekend's build day going to be another fine day.

There are only 4 spots left for the CAW Local 555 Build Day for Saturday October 30th.

If you are interested in volunteering, visit the Habitat for Humanity website at, click on the "Volunteer" tab and enter CAW Local 555's
"Join Code" to register and select your volunteer date. More registration information and help can be found on the Registration Help page.

Once you have registered, please send your contact info to us so we
can contact you about your work boot size, food allergies, etc. We can be reached at


Plans, Roofs and Floors

Here's a quick update on the Habitat For Humanity Hamilton Robert Land Build Project.

Floor Plans:
There are 3 different floor plans for the 8 units being built.
There are:

Yes, the roof truces are being built now. The builders begin building the roof on the ground and lift in onto the units allowing for several sections on the homes to be constructed at once.

The other section of the town homes currently being constructed is the floors. The cement is being poured for the unit's floors.

The cement is pumped from the cement truck... the unit at the far end.

For more pictures see our Photos page.

Thanks Carol Jackson for the photos.


The Writing Is On The Wall

Ok, well, the writing is on the drywall anyway.

At today's Volunteer Fair, Habitat For Humanity had a table and pieces of drywall to sign which will be installed in the home that CAW Local 555 sponsored.

Nancy Clark, Member-at-Large, Health & Safety Coordinator, signed the drywall

Beth Couchman, Unit 1 Chairperson, signed the drywall

Along with Kathy Ouellette and many other who signed, too.

If you missed it the drywall pieces will be available again to sign on the build days at the build site.

For more pictures of today's event and the build see the Photo page.


Do Something Naughty

You've been taught not to.

As a child you always wanted to.

And now, we're going to let you....


At this years Volunteer Fair, a Habitat For Humanity representative will be there with a piece of drywall for you to sign to be used in the CAW Local 555 build. That's right, you can write on the wall; We're not going to tell on you. So, channel your inner child, get your graffiti groove on and get ready to scribble your signature.

Not participating in the HFH build? That's OK! The drywall is for all CAW Local 555 Union members to sign. Show your support for the family, Habitat For Humanity and the Union.

McMaster's Volunteer Fair is being held in the MUSC Marketplace on Tuesday, September 28th from 10am - 1pm.


Photos Of The Beginning

To view more photos click on the Photos link in the menu above.

The hole in the ground with the Eva Rothwell Community Resource Centre in the background:
Build Site

A closer look:
Build Site 2

Build Site 3


Things Are Starting To Roll!

Slow and steady at first but as we move forward the pace will quicken. This blog will be updated frequently as activities develop. Please be sure to check back often.

"Located near Wentworth and Burilington Streets in the Keith neighborhood the Robert Land Public School is the heart and hub of this neighborhood and has been reborn as the Eva Rothwell Resource Centre.

Habitat for Humanity Hamilton is building 8 townhouse units on the former Robert Land School playground." ~ Habitat For Humanity Hamilton pamphlet

We will be participating in Phase One of the build. Phase One consists of the first 4 townhouses to be built starting August 2010 and dedication in December 2010.

Please see the Habitat For Humanity pamphlet for more complete information about the build.

Important Dates:
Currently the build days are scheduled for:
  • Saturday October 16th
  • Saturday October 30th (Family Day)
  • Friday November 5th

Special Activities:

There will be a special Family Day Build on Saturday October 30th with children activities including Home Depot's Little Hammer's program. More information about this day will be posted when it becomes available.

Once we receive more information about the sponsored families there will be many opportunities for members to help provide home decor items. In addition to the home decor items we will be having a used book drive and collecting books for the sponsored families. Sounds interesting? More information to come.

Ambassadors are needed at non-central campus locations to help promote the project by posting information on the CAW bulleting boards, collecting donations and other tasks. If this is something you think you can do for your area contact Delia Hutchinson at x27723 or hutchinATmcmasterDOTca (replace the AT with @ and the DOT with .)

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